Hemp Oil | Ultimate Guide

Looking for hemp oil? There are hundreds of products to choose from. Do not be fooled, not all hemp oil is created equally. Let us explain

hemp oil simple guide

Hemp Oil | Which is Which?

The popularity of hemp oil in recent years has seen huge growth with products like CBD oil leading the charge.

Google hemp oil & you will see hemp seed oil products which are completely different. They certainly do not hold the same components, nor their properties.

It is true that some CBD oils do use hemp seed oil as a carrier but the two should not be confused.

While it does have its very own uses and they are not be laughed at, they differ vastly from the powerful benefits of CBD oil.

Proceed with caution – some companies actually try to pass off hemp seed oil as CBD oil…

hemp oil five a day
We think getting your daily CBD oil whichever way is just as important as getting your five day! But make sure you are getting right stuff.

Hemp Oil | Quick Distinctions

Hemp seed oil is produced using only the seeds of the plant, the seeds are cold-pressed to release the goodness. This oil will usually be a light green colour.

Cold pressed hemp oil is produced using the stalk, leaves and sometimes the flower of the plant. It will be richer and darker in colour. It can also contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but in lower amounts than say a CO2 extracted CBD oil.

CBD oil contains a powerful compound called cannabidiol. CBD oil is made in a different way to hemp oil and hemp seed oil.

Always look for a whole plant extract basically using the whole of the plant to make the oil from.

A whole plant extract is necessary for the Entourage effect and the Endocannabinoid system to work at its best.

Whole plant oil will produce a dark, rich colour.

hemp oil zen
Many people rely on CBD daily to keep them nice and zen in a sometimes crazy world. But it is important to get the ‘right stuff’

Hemp Oil | From Seed

This harsh tasting oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the plant. Hemp seed oil has a typical yield of up to 30% oil by weight.

Hemp seed oil has a bitter flavor and used for cooking for the most part. It is sometimes used as an alternative to olive oil.

It will usually contain Omega 3 and other vital fatty acids. But zero Cannabinoids like CBD unless they have been added after production.

hemp oil from seeds
Hemp oil is usually nothing more than hemp seed oil. High in omega 3 and fatty acids, zero cannabinoids & none of their powerful properties…

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil | RSHO

Most people in the CBD or hemp world have heard of Rick Simpson. Rick is a bit of a hero much like Jeff Ditchfield in the UK.

Rick claims to have helped over 5000 people with serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, get relief and in some cases full remission.

We cannot confirm nor deny his claims on legal terms. Do your own research as always!

Hemp Oil | CBD Oil

CBD oil stands on its own but should also not be confused. Some oils are made from CBD isolate while others are a whole plant extract. READ MORE

Most people agree that if you want to see real results you need a whole plant extracted CBD oil.

CBD oil has two main extraction methods, solvent-based or CO2. Solvent-based extraction method passes a solvent through the oil and then is burned off. Leaving behind CBD oil but also unwanted residue if not done correctly.

The gold standard is CO2 extracted oil. This method allows for a clean extraction leaving no nasty particulates.

These can be left behind when extracting via other methods such as alcohol.

hempy goodness from oils
Canaxen Oils are CO2 extracted and always Whole Plant Extract via the Hot/Cold method they have developed over the years.

CBD Oil | Better Extraction

Companies such as CanaXen use CO2 and hot/cold extraction processes. This pulls off all the vital terpenes, flavonoids.

What results is known as a whole plant extract. This is necessary for the Entourage Effect to do its work.

If other oils contain these vital components they are typically added after production.

CBD oil is now widely available to buy in the UK. Hundreds of thousands now use CBD and hemp oil’s in the UK. With the first ‘Canna Clinic’ opening in Manchester and medical cannabis now available on the NHS in the UK.

hemp cbd oil
CBD oil is very different from regular hemp seed oil and contains far more than just CBD. Terpenes, Flavonoids and all the other parts that you only get with a genuine whole plant extracted CBD oil.

Hemp Oil | History

To fully understand hemp oil and its various incarnations we need to look at a number of things. One of those being it’s long and varied history.

Civilizations throughout history have used the hemp plant and its oil for a multitude of reasons. Many of those reasons were therapeutic, not just practical.

So if we were using hemp oil thousands of years ago to presumably great effect. Why then did we decide to ban it during the last 100 years or so?

Half of the worlds total medical cannabis is grown in the UK – READ MORE

Mankind – Breaking Bad

The reason is mainly the industrialisation of the modern world. When William Randolf Hearst was busy monopolising the paper and wood mill industry.

He saw the hemp plant as a direct threat as its fibers can make more paper with less water and can crop 3 times yearly. He led the government into a campaign which sought to demonise the hemp plant and its amazing properties.

Though he was not solely to blame, the flourishing pharmaceutical industry also realised the power of the hemp plant.

They saw the threat it posed to their industry when a person can grow a plant safely in their back garden. And that plant can do many of the things their expensive drugs offer. Minus all of the side effects.

Anyway! We digress and it can be a touchy subject. Mainly for the people at the top who sit fantastically wealthy from the misery of others in some cases.

Read more here…

makinf breaks bad with hemp
Mankind Breaks bad. As soon as medicine and commodities were highly monetised, the ‘free world’ suddenly became quite controlled and somewhat restricted…

The Future

We feel the hemp plant itself has a very bright future indeed. It has a multitude of uses from hempcrete to apparel.

It can be used as a food, to power our bodies own endocannabinoid system. And all of the incredible benefits it brings.

With the United States reppealing the crippling law placed on hemp and cannabis all the way back the 1920’s.

Europe clearly beginning to warm to it with many now legalising. And finally, to the UK. Finally allowing people access to medical cannabis, slowly but surely.

Other laws should start to relax as we get Brexit out of Ze vay, come what Mrs May!

What a time to be alive…