Goggle Box goes Green! Steph & Dom tak…

Former Goggle Box sofa pundits Steph & Dom graced our telly boxes once again! The hot topic however was not TV, its cannabis…

steph and dom cannabis

Steph & Dom go green – What’s the story?

Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom are back on our screens again on Monday channel 4 at 2100. The reality tv stars this time take viewers on a more personal journey.  The couple’s 18-year-old son Max suffers from epilepsy.

Debilitating Seizures

Max has suffered debilitating seizures all of his life. This has left the couple’s son with irreparable brain damage. Steph and Dom hope that medicinal cannabis may give their son back some quality of life.

steph and dom goggle box cannabis
Goggle Box legends Steph & Dom return to our sets again but cannabis is the topic…

Prescription Cocktail

Max can currently experience up to 100 seizures a day. Max is also autistic and is reliant on a cocktail of medications to manage his conditions. The couple are openly sharing Max’s story in the hope of raising awareness of epilepsy and the benefits of medicinal cannabis.  

Steph has told filmmakers that she is certainly not looking for a miracle cure. She is just hoping that exposure of her own families plight may clear up some common public misconceptions.

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Public perception regarding cannabis is changing rapidly. You can get medical cannabis products on prescription in some areas…

Hope on the horizon?

Medicinal cannabis has recently been rescheduled by the UK to allow patients access to this groundbreaking plant.  Experts state that medicinal cannabis shows considerable positive effects on decreasing the rate of seizures. This has already been highlighted in two of the UK s high profile cases, Alfie Dingly and Billy Caldwell. Both young boys also have epilepsy. In each case, the boys’ families campaigned and fought for the right to legally allow their boys this life-changing treatment.

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Medical Cannabis – A Serious Issue…

Can cannabis save our son, an honest look into the life of a family battling daily? Dom highlights that Max’s seizures can be potentially fatal. By using medicinal cannabis Dom hopes that by even reducing the amount per day would be ‘bloody incredible ‘.  

Steph and Dom gain hope during the documentary meeting others who use medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy. One boy in San Francisco has reduced his seizures so significantly that experts believe his condition is in remission.

“It is the number ONE treatment we are interested in”

Professor Phillip McGuire – Kings College London

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Medical Cannabis – Changes Coming?

The documentary highlights that the UK is still lagging behind when it comes to the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis. Even with the rescheduling of cannabis products and extracts. Many thousands of individuals could benefit from these plant-based medicines.

CBD (cannabidiol) has also shown great promise in clinical trials. Watch the show on catch up here from 2100 28/01/2019.

Good luck Steph and Dom we love you!

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