CBD Oil Ban Update – You can help!!

It seems the EU ban on CBD products is still on the cards.  Today though, right here you can get involved in the debate & help us keep UK CBD products available for everyone…

cbd ban petition

UK to Restrict CBD Products…

In our last blog, we discussed the EU labeling CBD products as a novel food. This does not render CBD products illegal with immediate effect.

It means all products will be subject to far more stringent controls and regulations. But it could also see your fave products removed from shelves in the coming months.

For the CBD consumer, it will mean a safer CBD marketplace where the products you buy – you can trust implicitly.

We asked Paul Nelson from CanaXen for his opinion –

“CanaXen have been making CBD oil for 8 years now. We have always conformed to the moral guidelines we have always felt compelled to follow. The best ingredients, lab testing every batch, openess and honesty”

uk to ban cbd? sajid javid
The Home Secretary last year brought some sense to a senseless world and allowed medical cannabis under prescription. Lets hope he sees sense again!

Paul continued…

“Many people rely on CBD oil heavily for a multitude of issues. I just hope the government act with sincerity and with customers best interests in mind, it remains to be seen if they do”

He finished…

“Customers should feel loved. Not like a statistic or a profit margin…”

This latest move will ensure ALL CBD vendors adhere to these rules. The CBD sellers we champion already follow them & always have.

What it means

For us, as CBD sellers it means we continue exactly as we have always done. Choose CBD suppliers with third-party lab testing and quality products containing what they say.

Many new companies have sprung up from no-where with bogus medical claims and substandard oils.

This move will surely increase CBD customer safety in the high street.

cbd uk ban cta
Mike Harlington from CTA UK discussing UK CBD guidelines and regulations

CBD Ban?! All good here…

Don’t be so sure. Some of the industries biggest sellers have taken matters into their own hands to ensure CBD is available for all.

After the amendment to the current cannabis laws last year. Which allowed access to medical cannabis patients from kids to the elderly.

We actually believed positive changes could be on their way.

“I’ve now come to the conclusion that it is time to review the scheduling of cannabis.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid on the rescheduling of cannabis in 2018

cbd ban update jelly teds
CBD edibles could end up being removed from shop shelve’s in the latest government crackdown


Big Pharma takes over?!

BUT! We think after a few statements here and there. The government wishes to award lucrative contracts to big pharma, allowing for only one single brand of CBD.

This would be ridiculous and harm customer choice irrevocably. CBD oil comes in many different carriers from water to gummy bears.

We think only customers themselves should decide how they take their CBD!

cbd ban uk help us
You can actually help to save your beloved CBD oils from being removed from sale!

Save your CBD oil!

The difficulty many have with this news is the timing. To put this framework in place and to reclassify CBD oils as a novel food would realistically take months to years.

Meaning many customers who use this incredible oil.

cbd banned uk cheaper

But you can help!

In response to the coming changes, CBD advocates up and down the UK are being proactive. Making their opinions heard.

A petition is now being shared by thousands of CBD users. Join the good fight and get it signed. If 10,000 signatures are reached the government must review the issue.


If 100,000 are taken then they MUST hear the issue in parliament!

cbd ban eu petition signatures
Not too many more signatures needed for a governmental call to action. Click the image above to sign…

Get it signed!

The aim is simple, to keep CBD on our shelves as a food supplement. Let’s hope the UK government listen to public opinion on this one.

They certainly won’t if you don’t get involved and make them listen!!!

You can sign the petition right here it takes seconds to do, no questions to answer!

cbd ban petition map
Don’t let the side down – click the image above to see live vote updates – does your area need a kick up the bum?!

Interesting developments?

On the 13th of Feb 2019, the European Parliament announced they were working closely with the WHO. They intend to pass a new cannabis resolution that would help advance medical cannabis in its member nations.

Whether they intend to take another look at CBD as novel foods is another matter entirely. For us, it feels a little like a U-turn in policy regarding the plant after recent weeks.

We will keep you posted on this, perhaps CBD will remain a novel food, perhaps the WHO will educate them…

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