EU CBD Rescheduling – The latest…

You may have seen stories circulating that the EU has labeled CBD a novel food & sales banned. Over the years we have seen this kind of thing before, let us clear the fog a little for you.

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CBD To be Banned?

There’s a lot of CBD gossip at the moment. The UK media published a few articles last week regarding the restriction of CBD product sales in the UK.

It seems that CBD hysteria is as rife as Brexit if you are to believe the UK media. So where did this all come from?

The EU Novel Foods Register recently announced –

“Extracts of Cannabis sativa L. and derived products containing cannabinoids are considered novel foods as a history of consumption has not been demonstrated.”

So let’s try to get our heads around what this story is really about. Currently, CBD oil is legal to buy in the UK. It can be found in big stores like Holland and Barratts and Boots. So what is the real story?

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SNOWMAGEDDON EVERY WEEK!!! Some of the UK media are renowned for making up fantastical stories at times just to sell papers. Pinches of salt are always required & not just for the roads…

CBD to be banned – The real story

Currently in the UK CBD oil is sold as a food supplement in high street shops and many online retailers. Its popularity has soared and there are a whole host of CBD goodies available. Ranging from CBD edibles to balms and CBD oil itself.  The EU and the UK FSA are looking to regulate the industry more heavily.

This is to ensure when people buy CBD in the UK  they are getting just that.

cbd banned edibles
Treats such as CBD sweets all the way to oils could be removed from shelve’s

CBD Banned? – Better regulations

For those in the industry who adhere to the guidelines. As set out by the MHRA & CTA ( cannabis trade association) this news will be welcome. The only sticking point to this latest news is timescales. If the EU & FSA are to pursue CBD products to be reclassified as novel foods, vendors would need to make an application to local authorities, with this process reportedly taking months to years.

cbd banned time scale
If CBD is to be reclassified people may need a time machine as the wait could be years.

CBD Banned – Users suffer first

This would be worrying news for hundreds of thousands of people who use CBD oil for a range of things. As with all changes such as this, it is always the individual who loses out.  Cannabis charity ‘CLEAR’ weighed in and declared CBD and hemp as impossible to be listed as novel foods.

“Don’t panic. If you’re using CBD it will continue to be available. You might find it easier to buy it online in future.”

– CLEAR Website

According to CLEAR, the CBD industry as a whole must supply good enough evidence to the FSA to show that CBD and hemp are not novel foods at all and have been in use for tens of thousands of years.

cbd banned uk - no
We are confident the FSA and the EU will see the light regarding hemp and CBD – The World Health Organisation seems to love it…

CBD to be Banned? – World Health Organisation

The WHO weighed in recently to say that CBD should not be added to any banned or controlled substances lists. They also went as far as saying that the cannabis plant itself should no longer be classed a dangerous drug. That includes THC – the high inducing part of the plant.

“Pure CBD and CBD preparations containing no more than 0.2 percent THC would not be included in any way in the international drug control conventions.”

If that doesn’t tell you where CBD oil is headed then I don’t know what will! It is not going anywhere and it will not be banned. Read more 

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Interesting Mention –

Other foods which also novel are chia seeds, krill oil, and vitamin K. These vitamins and supplements still continue to be sold in the UK. So for CBD oil customers, this should be great news. For all reputable CBD vendors, this news is good news also. Strengthening the industry and driving out rogue traders.

At Buy CBD UK we ensure we only offer legitimate CBD vendors who have their products lab tested regularly.


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