Cannabis, with a dash of poo…

The Independent reported dangerous levels of feces found in street cannabis. With sick people seeking the plant as a medicine, is it time for full legalization & regulation?

poo found in cannabis

Poop in your Pot?!

Nowadays, many sick & vulnerable people seek street cannabis usually to help with major medical issues. Finding fecal material or anything that should not be in cannabis is a huge concern.

The report also found E-Coli and fungal spores present in some samples. Fungal spores that are known to cause serious lung infections especially in people with weakened immune systems.

It is also worth considering that buying street cannabis typically means meeting a shady chap in a scary back alley and can be quite a terrifying experience.

You can quickly see why accessing medical cannabis can be such an unnecessarily dangerous experience.  Why we feel the law should be changed to protect said individuals seeking relief.

poo found in pot
Surely we should be protecting vulnerable people seeking cannabis for medicinal reasons & allowing full access at a reasonable price? Instead of having to meet shady characters behind the local shop…

Doo Doo in your Dooby

The study, conducted by Manuel Pérez Moreno at the University of Madrid. Took 90 samples of street sold cannabis and analysed them, finding 75% of samples had traces of E-coli.

10% of the samples also had unsafe levels of Aspergillus fungus. Although this figure is comparatively low it is still worrying as it can cause serious respiratory problems.

“The amounts of bacteria we have observed are outrageous”

Immaculada Santos – Biologist & co-author of the study

“It is clear that it is a public health problem.”

He continued…

Kacka in Cannabis

The report concluded that levels of fecal material found were 500 times higher than that allowed in the US.

Weirdly, the land of opportunity has a legal limit on the amount of poo found in products! But still, the figure is astonishing.

There are many reasons for these levels but surely the point here is regulation. Make it safe for vulnerable people to access without fear of making their condition worse.

Clearly, individuals are not about to stop using cannabis when it brings them relief from all kinds of issues.

So why don’t we take away the circumstances where this contamination can occur?

poop in weed
Bugs in your Nugs? The study found harmful levels of bacteria, fungus & fecal matter…

What can MP’s do?

If the government legalised and regulated cannabis use with access to the drug via specialist pharmacists. The price could be dropped below street prices making it impossible for drug gangs (using knives and guns) to sell cannabis for profit.

They could also regulate the production of the plant and remove the possibility of finding a dump in your dope or anything else for that matter!

And they could also drop the current cost of medical cannabis prescriptions so patients don’t need to seek out street weed. At £600 -£700 a month we find it a little costly…

kacky in cannabis
We have always wondered where the term ‘That’s good Sh%t comes from… Well now we know