Ben & Jerry’s CBD Ice-cream?!

Since hemp restrictions have lifted across the US, big companies are rushing to add CBD to their products. Ben & Jerry’s too, seem determined to launch CBD ice cream. But it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Not So Baked Alaska

US Ice cream legends to join the CBD bandwagon? Seeing the popularity and effectiveness of CBD they want to add it to their lovely desserts.

“We are open to bringing CBD ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalized at the federal level.”

Ben & Jerry’s Spokesperson

But all is not as it seems as federal laws surrounding CBD are still unclear. After a recent report regarding CBD products in the USA.

The FDA still has not given clear legal guidelines for manufacturers to follow. Leaving companies like Ben & Jerry’s chomping at the bit.

ben and jerrys to add cbd oil
Ben & Jerry’s latest special edition ‘One Love’ is available from their website, but sadly does not contain CBD or THC. Yet?!

CBD Oil – Lacking Clarity

The report was supposed to give US producers clarity over the CBD craze. Which experts say is about to explode globally.

But it is not so simple to regulate. At least that is what the American FDA says.

“Questions remain regarding the safety considerations raised by the widespread use of these products,”

FDA Officials –  Following the latest CBD hearing

“These questions could impact the approaches we consider taking in regulating the development and marketing of products.”

They concluded.

Essentially they have not ruled out adding CBD to foods, nor do they look likely to. Many will start to add the wonder molecule regardless.

But clarity is still needed before the big companies can move forward.

healthy ice cream products containing cbd ice cream
The latest drive towards healthier treats is both exciting and encouraging. Companies with ethics it seems?

CBD Ice-cream – Why the Holdup?

Put simply the American Food & drink Administration is struggling to regulate CBD. Some can contain THC and that is not federally legal. Yet.

Many believe this could be the ticket to full countrywide/worldwide legalisation. It would not be practical in real terms to keep THC at zero.

 “We do not rule out Trump making a move on cannabis, but that would be more of a 2020 event moving toward the election. It might be politically advantageous for him to co-opt the issue from Democrats and be the hero.”

MD Vivien Azer – Cowen & Company Investment Banking

Rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water. They may simply decide that full (regulated) cannabis legalisation is the only option.

will donald trump legalise cannabis
Will Donald Trump choose to legalise cannabis across the United States in 2020?! Some think he may have to. Likewise in the UK…

Make it Yourself!

You can make your very own CBD Ice cream at home with this guide! All you need is a good whole plant extracted CBD oil to boost your ECS.

Cheap and easy to make, the essential guide above will also show you how to make CBD gummy bears. As well as a whole host of amazing treats!

Have you heard about CBD oil skincare and the incredible effects? Read the full story, plus how to make your own CBD oil skincare range here.

cbd ice cream banner cheaper

CBD Oil Ice-cream UK!

In the UK CBD companies are growing. There are literally hundreds now offering CBD everything from gummy bears to coffee.

We stock companies like CanaXen because they are UK based, one of the first UK CBD companies and always third-party lab tests.

With CBD oil it is important to use a whole plant extract for the full effect. Did you know a famous CBD Ice cream vendor in Central London add s CBD to his mixture?! 


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