Ben & Jerry’s CBD Ice-cream?!

Since hemp restrictions have lifted across the US, big companies are rushing to add CBD to their products. Ben & Jerry's too, seem determined to launch CBD ice cream. But it's not as simple as it sounds. Not So Baked Alaska US Ice cream legends to join the CBD bandwagon? Seeing the popularity and effectiveness … Continue reading Ben & Jerry’s CBD Ice-cream?!

cbd oil benefits are obvious

CBD Oil Benefits

According to organisations such as the MHRA and FSA, CBD oil benefits should not be spoken of. But with years of incredible, true stories how can you not spread the word?! CBD Oil Benefits? Good Will Out You can't keep secrets as powerful as CBD quiet for very long. For nearly a decade Israel has … Continue reading CBD Oil Benefits

poo found in cannabis

Cannabis, with a dash of poo…

The Independent reported dangerous levels of feces found in street cannabis. With sick people seeking the plant as a medicine, is it time for full legalization & regulation? Poop in your Pot?! Nowadays, many sick & vulnerable people seek street cannabis usually to help with major medical issues. Finding fecal material or anything that should … Continue reading Cannabis, with a dash of poo…

cbd ban petition

CBD Oil Ban Update – You can help!!

It seems the EU ban on CBD products is still on the cards.  Today though, right here you can get involved in the debate & help us keep UK CBD products available for everyone... UK to Restrict CBD Products... In our last blog, we discussed the EU labeling CBD products as a novel food. This does … Continue reading CBD Oil Ban Update – You can help!!

cbd oil banned

EU CBD Rescheduling – The latest…

You may have seen stories circulating that the EU has labeled CBD a novel food & sales banned. Over the years we have seen this kind of thing before, let us clear the fog a little for you. CBD To be Banned? There’s a lot of CBD gossip at the moment. The UK media published … Continue reading EU CBD Rescheduling – The latest…