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 What we do...

At Buy CBD Oil UK we find the best, natural CBD oil made right here in the United Kingdom and agree on discounts with trusted CBD oil stockists so you can buy with peace of mind while making a saving at the same time. UK CBD DISCOUNT CODES

So many sites are offering CBD oil UK wide, many have simply been sourced in bulk from places like China. This makes buying CBD Oil in the UK a very tricky business.

So check out our unique range of & buy CBD oil UK with confidence!

Check out our CBD Oil Buyers Guide for more detailed guidance.

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Why Buy CBD Oil from us?

Buy CBD oil from trustworthy UK sources. We only select UK CBD oil companies who are connected to the CTA - the CBD oil UK regulator for CBD products, CBD oils, and extracts.

Most of the UK CBD oil companies who operate here simply buy CBD oil bulk from overseas. Literally anywhere!

These products may have a low price which seems enticing but consider a few points before you buy their 'UK CBD Oil'

Is the CBD oil UK laboratory tested? Is it a whole plant extract?

Is the company a member of the Cannabis Trades Association or CTA? All CBD oil companies in the UK are required to register to remain lawful!

Does the company clearly display CBD oil concentration on the front - this is UK regulatory requirement by law via the FSA.


Buy Genuine UK CBD Products

If your CBD oil is lightly coloured it is likely you have bought CBD isolate mixed into a carrier oil such as olive oil or hemp oil.

Typically these CBD oils taste terrible and give little or no effect on the body or the endocannabinoid system.

Buy CBD oil that is dark in colour - this is likely to mean it is a whole plant extraction.

Such extractions will contain not just CBD but many other legal cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, plant phenols, oils, and waxes.

These components are natural to the plant and vital in the effectiveness of extracts.

They all work together to create what is known as the entourage effect and greatly increase the effectiveness of said extract.


buy cbd uk terpenes

Buy CBD Oil - What is it?

Cannabidiol – commonly abbreviated to CBD – is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid; a chemical compound found in cannabis & hemp.

When isolated from other cannabinoids, CBD does not cause the side effects commonly associated with cannabis. In particular, the characteristic high which is caused by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

The products we source contain 0.2% THC or below.

THC is illegal in the UK. However, food supplements which contain CBD are allowed for sale so long as Companies are CTA Registered and follow strict guidelines.

CBD oil can provide the significant benefits of cannabis and hemp. Without exposing the user to the negative effects of THC.


Buy CBD Oil UK - What's it do?

Understanding the ECS. We all have an endogenous cannabinoid system inside our bodies.

Named after the plant molecules associated with its discovery. Cannabinoids such as those in CBD oil are nearly identical to the molecules our bodies make - anandamide.

Arguably the most significant physiologic system known to affect our health and well being.
We have endocannabinoids in the brain, vital organs, connective tissues, immune cells, and glands.

They work to restore balance to our bodies to make us feel better.

Scientists have compared the genetic changes in cannabinoid receptors across a huge range of species – humans included.

They believe the endocannabinoid system first evolved around 600 million years ago. Now you can feed it when you buy CBD oil UK!